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Bang, Bang, Baby.

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The Queen's Ace

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Scout Walker grew up on the right side of town, with luxuries most people could only dream about. But it was never enough for her, not when their family was nothing but a media ploy to win over voters. So she took an alternative route that her parents wouldn’t approve of: she become a prospect of an illegal all-female motorcycle club.

These women had class, but they also had rules and the first was not to fall into bed with the enemy. Scout never planned to, but then she met Seven, an enforcer from their rival club, and all her plans flew out the window.

Seven is a killer. It’s his job to break bones and dispose of bodies for his club. The Iron Dragons gave him a family and he never wanted for anything else, but then Scout came along.

She’s beautiful and fierce, but she’s also a member of the Dragon’s rival club. By saving her life from his brothers and falling in love with her, Seven puts both their lives at risk. Now they have to decide if this forbidden romance is worth it.